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Lubricant Analysis

Monitoring the condition of your equipment maximises equipment reliability and minimises any production downtime.  KPL utilise independent laboratories that specialise in lubricant, fuel and coolant analysis. Effective condition monitoring maximises equipment reliability and extend useful fluid life.


Establishing a trend will assist your company to forward plan lubricant and equipment maintenance service or shut schedules, which may include element changes, lubricant filtration and future lubricant changes.


The lubricant in a system unavoidably comes into contact with internal moving components; creating possibilities of contamination build up within the system. It is essential to assess the condition of the lubricant in order to maintain a minimum contamination level throughout the life of the lubricant and components.


Having a clear plan and procedures in place allows for changes and growth. Having access to detailed data on your equipment takes the guesswork out of forecasting and allows equipment to operate at its optimal capacity.


A reduction in contaminants will extend the life of your lubricant and equipment, as well as reduce operations and maintenance costs associated with unexpected breakdowns. Once the condition of the lubricant is known, preventive action can be taken to correct any arising issues.

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The process of removing water from a diesel system requires specialist equipment, like the KPL1000.

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Yes the model of filtration system is capable of being used in hazardous locations.  This is achieve with the use of an air operated option.