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Equipment Supply

KPL offer specialised lubricant and diesel fuel filtration equipment for hire and purchase. These custom designed units are suitable for use in small industrial applications to commissioning of new lube and diesel fuel systems through flushing / filtering process.

New Generation Filter Units

Mobile in design, to provide flexible means of filtering lubricants in a range of environments. In most cases filtration can take place on equipment while in operation, minimising any downtime. Pneumatic equipment available.

Varnish Removal Systems

The ISOPur Varnish Removal Machines have unmatched fluid filtration & system cleaning capacity using the BCA Technology; and are designed to remove varnish and sub-micron particulate from the lubricant and machinery internals. IECEX and ATEX approved units available.

Standard Filtration & Bypass Units

KPL’s range of fixed and portable filtration units will remove solid particles and emulsified water contamination from your system. There are two key filtration systems available designed to extend the life of your lubricant and minimising unnecessary downtime experienced through component wear.

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