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Filter Elements & Breathers Supply

In today’s industrial environment the importance of fine micron filtration is vital to keeping equipment running at its maximum capacity and minimising production downtime due to poor cleanliness levels.

A high quality filter will maintain superior lubricant cleanliness while assisting in the removal of any pre-existing contamination. 

Equally essential, is the use of a high-quality breather to minimise the contamination and moisture entering the system through external environmental sources, whilst continually assisting in preventing additional ingress of contamination and moisture.

KPL offer an extensive range of filters and breathers for your equipment. 

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your equipment will not only reduce the occurrence of equipment breakdowns but will save you time and money.

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The process of removing water from a diesel system requires specialist equipment, like the KPL1000.

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Yes the model of filtration system is capable of being used in hazardous locations.  This is achieve with the use of an air operated option.