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Spill Control

Protecting the environment is important; and adhering to health and safety regulations in the workplace is essential. KPL offers a variety of cost effective and eco-friendly spill control products, including a range of absorbent pads, some of which are fully biodegradable; absorbent granules and custom oil containment bunding for all your safety and environmental requirements.

Kleen Sweep

Kleen Sweep is a unique product, made from cotton and manufactured in Australia. Kleen Sweep:

  • Completely dries the floor in one simple step
  • Reduce accidents due to slippage
  • Is approved for disposal to landfill
  • Will absorb up to 3x its own weight in liquids

Dry Sorb

Dry Sorb uses a water resistant formula allowing it to absorb oil from water, whilst floating on the surface.

  • Economical – 20kg bag or 1000kg Cube
  • Clay based, granular absorbent
  • Absorbs all liquids and odours
  • Double screened to reduce dust

Our extensive range includes:

Spill control kits (30litre, 120litre and 240litre)*

Spill bunds

Absorbent pads 400gsm*

Drain seals

Absorbent spill rolls 400gsm*

Drain warden

Absorbent pillows*

Refill spill kits

Absorbent socks / booms 1.2m and 3m*

Two drum bunds

Standard and custom drive over bunding

Four drum bunds

Standard and custom collapsible bunding

IBC bunds

Absorbent powder 20kg bags and 1000kg cube

Dangerous goods and safety cabinets

*General Purpose, Oil & Fuel and Hazchem

Consumable Contact with questions


The process of removing water from a diesel system requires specialist equipment, like the KPL1000.

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Yes the model of filtration system is capable of being used in hazardous locations.  This is achieve with the use of an air operated option.