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When it comes to lubricants, KPL has extensive technical knowledge and experience within many industries to aid in providing the most suitable lubricant for your application. 

Varied working conditions can decrease the life of your lubricant and in turn decrease the life of your equipment and components. 

Independent and objective in regards to the technical performance of lubricants at your site, KPL will partner with your company as part of a quality support program to assist in reducing maintenance costs and maximising equipment reliability.

KPL offer leading brands in:

Industrial Oils 

Hydraulic Oils

Slideway Oil

Diesel Engine Oils


Cutting Oil

Petrol Engine Oils

Mould Oil 

Stamping Oil

Transmission Oils

Food Manufacturing Oils

Brake Fluid 

Automotive Gear Oils

Tractor Oils 


Marine Oils

Chain Oils 

Truck Wash

Compressor Oils

Industrial Gear Oils


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The process of removing water from a diesel system requires specialist equipment, like the KPL1000.

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Yes the model of filtration system is capable of being used in hazardous locations.  This is achieve with the use of an air operated option.