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Preventative Maintenance

KPL specialise in preventative maintenance plans and will work with your team to create a tailored schedule to suit your requirements. Implementing scheduled checks can ensure any changes in operation or performance are accounted for.

In order to maximise equipment reliability, extend fluid life and minimise repair and replacement costs, it is important to implement a suitable preventative maintenance plan for each system. This plan will support pro-active, maintenance forecasting and forward planning on critical equipment and ultimately prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

The most sensitive component of the system must be protected by filtration that cleans the lubricant to the target cleanliness level before reaching that component.

To achieve and maintain a satisfactory cleanliness level, one should draw a sample for analysis to confirm the condition of the lubricant; and then implement a filtration solution to obtain and maintain the required cleanliness target, ensuring that the filtration solution is able to capture the finer contamination particles from the system.


Maintenance Checklist:

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We specialise in preventative maintenance plans that include:

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The process of removing water from a diesel system requires specialist equipment, like the KPL1000.

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Yes the model of filtration system is capable of being used in hazardous locations.  This is achieve with the use of an air operated option.