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Turbo K

Turbo-K is the only gas turbine compressor cleaner with no cloud point temperature. Unlike all other gas turbine compressor cleaner, Turbo-K is stable at all temperatures during the on-line cleaning (hot wash) process. There is no redepositing of dirt collected from cold sections to hot sections as is the case with other cleaners that break down as they exceed their cloud point temperatures. Turbo-K carries all fouling removed from every stage directly into the combustion chamber.

Turbo-K is based on a complex formulation relying on a property called “Synergism” which improved detergency. It’s formulation contains an innovative and complex, triple -active formula of cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants. Thus, Turbo-K is immune against the unknown cloud-point phenomenon of conventional surface cleaners. The product is stable and effective at all temperature ranges with exceptional dirt suspension abilities so that all fouling is carried into the combustion chamber during on-line cleaning. This could substantially result in up to 100% power restoration in a single pass.



Commercial ships, Large jet boats

Oil & Gas

Refineries, Pipelines, Offshore rigs, Wellheads


Pulp & paper, Mining, Other industries where large amounts of power & steam are required

Power Plants

Simple cycle, Cogeneration

Available Sizes:

20 Litres

200 Litres

1000 Litres

All sizes are available as 1:4 concentrate or ready-to-use 

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Turbo-K® has inherent corrosion inhibiting properties that are compatible with aluminium, magnesium, nickel-cadmium, stainless steel, and titanium to further protect the compressor against possible corrosion.

Turbo-K® 1:4 concentrate: 
1000 Litre IBC — 1080 kg
200 Litre Drum — 212 kg 
20 Litre Container — 21.50 kg

Turbo-K® RTU:
1000 Litre IBC — 1065 kg
200 Litre Drum — 209 kg
20 Litre Container — 21.10 kg​

There are no special requirements for storing Turbo-K®.

It should be kept between 4° C and 80° C, but if inadvertently frozen, product can still be used after thawing.