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Mining Sector

Continuous lube & fuel filtration systems

KPL is focused on continued improvement and growth within the mining sector, supporting a proactive service plan, ensuring all safety and environmental policies are adhered to. KPL offers a range of lubricant and filtration products, as well as technical onsite support and in-house services.

Our products and services designed specifically for use in the mining sector

KPL support your technical team with products and services to achieve maintenance objectives such as :

  • Maximising equipment reliability and safety
  • Minimising repair and replacement costs
  • Extending useful fluid life
  • Satisfying warranty requirements
  • Minimising production down-time

New Generation Filter Units

Mobile in design, to provide flexible means of filtering lubricants in a range of environments. In most cases filtration can take place on equipment while in operation, minimising any downtime. Pneumatic equipment available.


High quality filters will maintain superior lubricant cleanliness while assisting in the removal of any pre-existing contamination, in turn reducing the occurrence of equipment breakdowns.


Quality lubricants is the key to improving productivity and efficiency of equipment, as well as reducing energy consumption.

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