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Industrial Sector

Superior customer service is KPL’s primary focus. Our customer base ranges from small to medium owner-operated companies to large multinationals. KPL will partner with your team as part of its support program for specialised onsite filtration services and ongoing lubricant and filter maintenance. 

Our products and services designed specifically for use in the industrial sector

KPL can support your operations team with products and services to achieve maintenance objectives such as:

Preventative Maintenance

A preventive maintenance plan will support proactive maintenance forecasting and forward planning on critical equipment, preventing excess contamination levels and ultimately prolonging the lifespan of your equipment.


High quality filters will maintain superior lubricant cleanliness while assisting in the removal of any pre-existing contamination, in turn reducing the occurrence of equipment breakdowns.


Quality lubricants is the key to improving productivity and efficiency of equipment, as well as reducing energy consumption.

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